日本全國各店舖 安全安心撮影宣言進行中

📢 日本全國各店舖 安全安心撮影宣言進行中 📢


Decollte Group ( Studio AQUA / Studio TVB / Studio 8 / Studio AN / Studio SUNS / Studio SOLA ) has declared to offer the most safe & worry-free shooting experience under the most strict Infection-control measures in the industry, considering the safety of our customers and our crews.  📸

Even if you could not come to Japan, you may change the photoshoot date without any charge or any worries.

We are looking forward to meeting you here!  😊


Hong Kong Wedding Expo / June 2020

Hong Kong Wedding EXPO

12th -14th JUNE 2020

Booth No.  Z11

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=====⭐️ INFORMATION ⭐️=======
  日期:12th - 14th  JUNE  2020
  展覽地點:香港會議展覽中心展覽館 1號館
  展位編號:Z11  with Your Overseas Wedding 


New Location in Okinawa

Hello, everyone!
We hope you are having a good "homy time"🏠😍✨

大家好!! 希望近期的宅家時光, 大家也能過的愉快🏠😍✨

Before starting this blog, we would like to mention this at first. 
We recognise the world peace is currently unstable due to the sad news threatening our lives.
But we still would like to try to deliver something beautiful or something that makes you (ourselves) feel more happy & more exciting ❤️

在進入今天的主題之前, 我們想和大家分享一下德可莉每個工作人員的小小心聲。
儘管最近我們都收到了很多負面的消息, 整個世界彷彿籠罩在一片迷霧之中,但還是希望能盡可能為大家傳遞一些美好, 或者能感到快樂以及充滿希望的信息 ❤️ ❤️

So today, we would like to introduce the newest amazing Okinawa spot, MIYAKO Island🌴🌴

You can embrace the breath-taking emerald × blue sea with white sandy beach which is famously called "Miyako Blue"😍

所以, 今天就讓我們向各位新人們推薦又一個充滿驚喜的沖繩新景點----宮古島🌴🌴
在柔軟的白沙海灘邊, 盡情擁抱如翡翠般, 令人嘆為觀止的藍色海洋, 這便是遠近聞名的“宮古藍😍

Miyako Island is in Okinawa prefecture but one of the islands surrounding near (main) Okinawa Island.

That is totally true that Okinawa is the first come-up in your head when thinking about "Beach location".

But this Miyako Island in Okinawa is just different from any other Okinawa beaches.
This brows your mind with the beautiful stunning natures.  (especially when Diving & Snorkeling🐠)

宮古島位於沖繩縣, 是沖繩本島周邊的離島之一。
一想到海灘景點, 最先浮現在大家腦海中的定是沖繩本島。
但其實相較本島的景致, 宮古島獨有的自然風光會更加吸引人(特別是在海中潛水或是浮潛的時候)🐠

Sorry, we are talking too much 😅lol 
No more talking, let's just enjoy the amazing, just amazing sceneries that we recently captured as wedding photos in Miyako island!💕💕

長話短說, 還是直接來欣賞我們在宮古島拍攝的, 令人驚喜萬分的客片吧💕💕

🌻 Miyako Island Photo shoot  🌺
Available Period : July 1st - 30th 2020

拍攝期間: 7/1-7/30, 2020

The best season for Okinawa wedding photo is coming soon!
And still available with the discounted price now 💖

現在預約, 還可享有優惠折扣, 先到先得喔!!💖

How do you like the photos in Miyako Island ?😊
We look forward to your enquiry▶︎ HERE

沖繩本島? 宮古島? 你鍾意哪一個呢?😊
期待大家的諮詢▶︎ HERE

💌 Contact us:https://bit.ly/2SxDEY0


Wedding Kimono Coordinate


Hello, Everyone!!  This is Agnes 🌸

Ever think of transforming yourself into a traditional Japanese woman wearing Authentic Wedding Kimonos ⭐️?
Why not trying these elaborate Japanese outfit in your most memorable wedding photos❤️

In recent years, wearing these traditional Wedding Kimono is getting more and more popular amongst both Japanese and foreign couples/ Mrs. to be.

Moreover, customising it with varieties of coordinate styles has became a new trend.
You can create your own Kimono look to show your unique personal style.

Today, we will introduce some CHIC OUTSTANDING Kimono coordinates.
You will be "Decollte Bride" with Kimono coordinate😍
Let's check photos below as a reference!

【 What is Kimono Coordinate? 】

Authentic Wedding Kimono is commonly recognised as Irouchikake  (colored Kimono) & Shiromuku (White Kimono).
And Wedding Kimono has many items and layers to create the completed look.
You wear white Kimono inside as inner outfit (kimono) and put on Irouchikake / Shiromuku as outer Kimono.
Also you have some items that all bride's wedding kimono needs as Bride's Belongings (= 3 sets of accessories. It has meaning as well!).

Those items tend to be just gold coloured and very simple before, but the designers have put new twists on them these days.

Depending on your selected Irouchikake / Shiromuku, you can enjoy coordinating with colourful items & different patterned inners that matches your Irouchikake colours / patterns and White kimono design to make up a sophisticated total look.

* Name of Kimono Items *

Hair & makeup artist will suggest you the suitable designs for your request & Kimono colour👍

Your Kimono style looks more gorgeous when you change the design of the collar, inside Kimono colour and put accent colour between Kimono and collar as a collar line 🌟

▽ Take a look more sample designs below ▽

【 Groom's Kimono 】

Don't forget Grooms' Kimono! haha
We have many stylish colour designs of Grooms at our studios as well so you can choose the best one with your own preferences and matching up with the Brides Kimono colour.

We recommend Black colour for the most traditional and cool style!🌟
You can enjoy changing the bottoms colours / designs depending on your tops colours / designs.

Did you find your favorite Kimono style?

Please share favorite Kimono coordinate & new ideas with us ^^

↓預約請通過以下方式聯絡我們  Please contact us for more information and details!
💌 Contact Ushttps://goo.gl/iXQ4cZ
📷 Our Photographershttps://www.deco-studios.jp/member/

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