New Studio Open at the foot of Mt. Fuji

New Studio Open

at the foot of  Mt. Fuji 

What comes to your mind when you hear Mt. Fuji?

World Heritage Sight?   The symbol of Japan?

The mountain has been linked to Japanese culture and history since a very long time ago.

Mt. Fuji, itself also has been seen as a Great Art amongst many artists not only in Japan and but also around the world.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can have a photo shoot with the symbolic art of Japan surrounded by beautiful nature???

So there is a good news for you!

DWPG has launched our photo shooting service around Mt Fuji to capture your wonderful moment with the symbol and nice natural surrounding!

This service is very special that no company can offer, but DWPG can!!

Today, we will introduce some of the stunning photos of the couples having a photo shoot with the special mountain and the different colour of the great nature.

__________ Spring __________

The breath of spring with the stunning Sakura and white Mt Fuji. 

_______ Summer  & Autumn _______

Enjoy the beauty of nature! 

Red Mt. Fuji is also the significant view of Japan in Summer - Autumn time!! 

Match best with wedding dress and forest ♪  

In the traditional way with Japanese Kimono

Look at the SPECTACULAR Mt. Fuji behind !!!!!!

It makes you feel like there are only two of you in this world ♡

Big field and Japanese silver grass calling the fantastic autumn time!

You will see many of rare swans around you ! haha

With Lovely Cosmos ♡

Mysterious atmosphere by this famous lake, Kawaguchiko.

___♡ Best Winter Season ♡___

With romantic snow 

Mystic river and a loving couple. It is like the film, “Notebook” ♡


Would you care for the night shooting with Marvellous stars???

This makes your photo way more special than others!!!!

We hope you enjoyed the wonderful photos taken in Mt. Fuji!!! 

Next time, It's your turn though!!! 

Please contact us for more information and details about Mt. Fuji package!!

Website: http://d-weddingphoto.com/   
Phone Number : +81-6-6315-6733

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