Sparkling Romantic Night Photo Shoot in Tokyo!

When you give it a thought of traveling to Japan, Tokyo cannot be exceptional as it is the one of the most famous and the biggest cities around the world.
Lots of couples would probably pick and add Tokyo in a "to go list" for their perfect pre wedding photography.

Although daytime in Tokyo is busy, is absolutely suitable for you who want to feel urban atmosphere. However note that a night view shooting definitely should not be missed while you are in Tokyo.  You would be glad and proud of yourself to choose to have night view shooting along with daytime shooting when the moment the contrast of darkness and sparkling lights amaze you.  You better to see the photos before being skeptical.

1.  Tokyo Station
The magnificent architecture made of red blocks indicate its history of over hundred years. Do not forget it has not only station function, but also is enormous shopping center.

2. Tokyo Tower
The dynamic tower with 180 lights which provide various types of colors depending on the term in the center of Tokyo. You will see what color it shines when you stand in front of Tokyo Tower.

These are evidences to apparently prove that it is possible to take romantic, fairy-tales theme photos in Tokyo.
We are looking forward to provide this amazing experience and photos which could definitely would be your treasure for you!♡

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