How About A Photo Shoot In Yasaka, Kyoto In The Summer?

How About taking a photo shoot in Yasaka, Kyoto in the summer?

Hello, I am Yamamura from Studio TVB Kyoto shop.
Finally it is July!! Summer is coming.

Gion festival that makes summer in Kyoto colorful just started today!! Gion festival is one of three most famous festivals and Shijo-street is very crowded.  I hear a festival music from outside and feel joy of festival everywhere. I am so excited because I love festivals. Gion festival is the festival of Yasaka-jinja shrine.

Today I would like to introduce the customer who took a photo shoot with “Yasaka pagoda course” where around Yasaka-jinja shrine. We recommend this “Yasaka pagoda course” for customers who demand to take photo shoot at the Kyoto-like town. 

There are only a few people around, so early morning is recommended. The photo shoot is just like a fun sightseeing, because we walk trough slowly Yasaka pagoda.


Koushinsha shrine

It is possible to take a photo shoot this shrine as below if it is early morning.


Sometimes, we would take photos of each of Groom and Bride.

The townscape shot around Yasaka.


Groom and Bride put up umbrellas and being taken their photos while they are enjoying sightseeing!!


I would like to show you more photos, but I shall finish now. How do you think “Yasaka pagoda course” that you can enjoy relaxing sightseeing during a photo shoot about one hour half to two hours?

The last one is… a bride’s power!


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