Introduction of Japanese Wedding Outfits and Hairstyle

In these days, even Japanese people rarely have an opportunity to wear Kimono. But we are pleased to offer you this beautiful kimono experience with us that you have never had before.

Pre-wedding photoshoot would be more exciting and meaningful if you have some knowledge of Japanese style outfits and hairstyles for Japanese style wedding. Please take a look at this post to learn some features about them. It is guaranteed it would be helpful!

It is possible to wear both Shiromuku(White kimono) and Irouchikake(Colored kimono)  for your photo shoot with DWPG. Moreover, we always prepare various patterns and designs of kimono so that you could find perfect one for yourself.

Even the western-hairstyles as shown below would beautifully match kimono and it is also popular amongst many customers. Please count on our professional hair stylists to arrange your hair perfectly. If you are not sure what suits you, please do not worry! We will find the best one for you.

Also the process of choosing flower accessories for your hair is one of the fun parts of the preparation for your photoshoot. We also arrange and put the flowers gorgeously that you choose to make you look more brilliant. You can even enjoy the preparation too! 

If you would like very traditional one, here are some pictures for the options of your hair-do below. The following Black coloured kimono with "Tsunokakushi (bridal hood)" is only used during Japanese wedding ceremony. Tsunokakushi can be used both Irouchikake(colored kimono) and Shiromuku(white kimono). 

"Wataboshi (bridal headdress)" is a ceremonial garment only used with Shiromuku(White kimono). Wataboshi is popular because it makes bride look like she is hiding inside of the headdress, which makes bride seem modest.

DWPG's photographers are able to capture your amazing moments with Japanese sceneries and traditional kimono.

Moreover, we prepare some significant items for your photo shoot, such as a golden fan, Japanese paper umbrella and traditional Japanese shoes. It would be memorable experience to have this Japanese pre-wedding photo shoot during your stay in Japan. Please do not miss this precious opportunity!



Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

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